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Official home of the Original Dirt Trapper Mat.



Caring for your Dirt Trapper cotton washable doormat couldn't be easier.

Before using your Dirt Trapper mat we recommend washing it first as this will fluff up the pile and maximises its performance from the outset.

Dirt Trapper mats love being washed and look as good a new, time after time.

Washing Instructions

1. Set for a cool wash at 30º C and ensure that you do not use a fabric conditioner. 

2. Fold your mat in half (and half again, depending on its size) with the pile on the outside and place the mat in an old pillowcase to ensure that any excess pile doesn't pass through your washing machine. 

3. Do not wash your mat with any other items at the same time.

4. You can spin dry at low speed for about 40 minutes.

5. Once dry just vacuum or shake the surface pile up.